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Believe it or not, air conditioning technology has actually been around since Roman times. The Colosseum actually implemented an archaic system of air conditioning for it's audience. Fortunately air conditioning technology has come a long way and most people can afford it for their homes by use of local air conditioning services. Like in even basic plumbing courses, air conditioning installation courses teach technicians to do a quick, efficient job that does not damage the property. Throughout this article we will discuss some of the aspects involved with air conditioning installation and air conditioning businesses. 

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The first part of running an air conditioning business is having the right resources and manpower for the desired business model, the next part is advertising. Since most businesses that specialize in air conditioning and installation are local, air conditioning ads are often put in local newspapers and sponsor local teams. Getting involved in the community isn't just a way to show that a business cares, it also gets the name out there. Advertisements on Google are also now commonplace. Just a few years ago no local business would advertise on the internet because the ads would reach too broad of a market and it would be a waste of resources. Now that Google can detect the area that the internet user is from, and what they searched, internet advertising is one of the best possibilities.

Installers of air conditioners should either be trained by a professional or have proved their experience in the field. Places like Durham College train individuals in the proper understanding and installation of air condition units along with heating and ventilation techniques. One thing to consider as an AC business is going into other areas of installation and maintenance such as water and heating units.

There are a few different types of modern air conditioning units. These are window and through-wall, split systems, ductless, central, evaporative coolers, portable units, heat pumps, and refrigerants. The most common installations for air conditioning businesses are the central and through-wall air conditioners.

Central air conditioning is simply air conditioning similar to the common heater in a house. Meaning, it provides cold air throughout the vents in the house. This is the biggest, and most lucrative job for technicians as it is the most expensive unit and requires the most man hours to install. Unlike a window air conditioner, it doesn't simply set down somewhere in the house. The technicians need to have knowledge of vents and figure out the best way for a unit to connect to them. This takes understanding of ventilation and in some cases even carpentry.

Window air conditioners or through-wall air conditioners are where businesses make the most money. This is not because they are expensive (they are cheaper than central air), it is because so many clients ask for them. They also can be set up relatively quickly. However, if they are going to be set up through a wall instead of a window, the business must have advanced carpentry skills.