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More often than not, people forget to undertake preventive action on their air conditioners and heating units. As a result, these gadgets fail to perform optimally when required. Can you imagine life without an air conditioner during the summer season or sans a room heater during the winter season? In the former case, your room will be uncomfortable and you will suffer from excessive sweating (most air conditioning units have an inbuilt dehydration system as well). In case of the latter, you might freeze to death during the peak winter season. You can stop these problems from occurring with a bit of preventive maintenance. The tips provided below will guide you how to take care of your domestic cooling and heating systems so that they function optimally. A word of warning always unplug the device from the power outlet before tinkering with it. 

Heating systems

If you are using a centralised heating system, clean the pipes that circulate heated air inside your room. Make sure that there are no leaks between the rubber expansion joints (rubber couplers that connect one piece of pipe with another) and the pipes. You can find this by holding a lighted matchstick near the joint. If the flame flickers, it means that the joint is leaking and air is escaping from the distribution pipe. Check the diameter of the pipe and purchase a suitable expansion joint from online stores that deal in HVAC equipment and spares, and replace the old joint with the new one. You need not worry if the pipe is rectangular, because online stores store rectangular, round, and square expansions joint. This is also an appropriate time to check the thermal insulation of the pipe and replace it wherever you notice signs of fraying. It is best to carry out this task during the summer when you do not need the heater.

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Air conditioners

Unplug the gadget from the power supply and let the gadget rest for several hours. You should take this precautionary measure because the AC's electrolyte condenser retains voltage for several hours after it has been unplugged. Remove the grille from the front of the unit to expose the filter. Extract the filter with the help of a screwdriver and wash it thoroughly. While running, an AC sucks air from the room, pulls it through the filter before passing it over the cool and serpentine coils of the condensing unit. The filter acts as a barrier and prevents dust particles from getting inside the condensing unit. A choked filter puts extra strain on the condensing unit, causing it to run longer than necessary, thereby leading to inflated power bills. You should also check the outlet plug on the collector tray for traces of grime. Use a sharp pointed metallic wire to dislodge all grime so that water drains properly from the collection tray.

Central air conditioning units

Follow the same procedure as that for the room heater. Examine the expansion joints and replace the damaged ones. Performing regular maintenance ensures that your gadgets work properly and provide you with comfort during both summer and winter.